5 Signs You’ve Found The Love of Your Life

engagement-1718244_19201. When you first laid eyes on each other, it wasn’t lust, it wasn’t love and it wasn’t desire. Your body felt nothing, your mind thought nothing and your heart didn’t skip a beat like they say it does in the movies. There was literally nothing. Your eyes found each other and they held for a moment, gazing across at each other as if you’re the only two in the room. That is all. Then there was nothingness. There was nothing you can say about that moment or feel about that moment other than that it was a strange and a totally different experience.

2. For the rest of the duration of time spent near or with that person, your feelings begin to come back to you. They begin to grow and nothingness slowly turns into intrigue and from there you start to feel a rubber band is slowly bringing the two of you together. It’s not intense, but it’s noticeable. Remember, this feeling isn’t the glorified version we believe all fairytales are meant to be. It’s very subtle, but can’t be missed. If it’s strong, it’s probably not what we are talking about here.

3. When you finally connect with conversation or even just standing close enough to each other, you feel a bubble wrap around the two of you. Obviously, a metaphysical bubble that can’t be seen or felt, but you just feel like suddenly you’re in a space with someone else. Not just a space, but a small space where the two of you fit into perfectly. A safe, familiar and comfortable space that makes you feel right at home.

4. Once you start talking, the sound of their voice immediately captivates you. For the first time, you feel like you’re really listening to a person and hearing more than just words. You’re hearing the vibrations in their voice that add to your comfort level. Their voice slows your heartbeat rather than fastens it. You’re at peace and you want to hear more.

5. Then you finally find yourself attached. It’s easy, it’s soft and it flows. There are no pressures, no boundaries, and you just are flowing with your new found connection. The two of you are seamlessly moving together in a space just of your own. Your connection continues to grow, and the feelings that came from nothingness begin to form a deeper and deeper connection with that other person.

Remember though, this is only the beginning – the initial phase. Many things can change after this initial contact and these initial feelings don’t mean that the relationship will be flawless or easy. Everything takes time and effort. All relationships require special attention to make work.