A “Must Do” Checklist for Men Treating their Girlfriends on Valentine’s Day

love-903163_1920Read it. Memorize it. Do it!

She may say that your love is enough, but let’s get this straight, you should do more. You should want to do more to show her your love and affection. Make her feel a little extra special this Valentine’s Day!

1. Get her a gift even if she says not to. It’s good she’s being money conscious and she may be a low maintenance girlfriend, but get her a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses. It’s that simple.

2. Make the day about each other. Put the phone away, say goodbye to friends for a day and devote your attention to her. Even if you are just hanging out around the house, make sure you are giving her more attention than usual.

3. Help out a little more than usual. Ask her if she needs anything, or what you can do to help her with something – whatever it is. Just make an effort to be more present with her and your daily routines.

4. Groom yourself. You would think this is obvious, but it may not be to all. Get out of the sweats and put on something a little nicer for the day. Maybe add some cologne if she’s into it. If you are working that day, don’t just come home and put sweats on. Let her embrace your professional ensemble.

5. Say “I love you” more often than usual. Yes, saying it too much and too OTP takes away from it’s meaning, but on Valentine’s Day you should be doting on her. Tell her how much she means to you.

6. Get “touchy feely”. Touch her more often than usual. Walk up behind her and just hug her for a minute or two. Stroke her hair more, kiss her more and just connect with her body more.

7. Unless she really wants to, don’t make her cook on Valentine’s Day. Either you cook for her, or take her out for dinner. Let her hands rest tonight.

8. Don’t be traditional if you’re planning something. The candlelit dinner, movie and wine is so typical and overdone. Figure out something you both like to do but don’t get to do often and go with that. Make it special but don’t opt for what everyone else does.

9. If you get intimate, don’t rush it. Go slow, go passionately and cherish her body and soul. It’s not a race nor is it a competition. Love her gently and give her your total mind and body for the night.

10. End the night telling her how happy you are to be in her life. Tell her what she means to you and kiss her goodnight.