Are Progressive Millennials Going Dutch on First Dates?

adult-1807617_1920Dating culture has changed over the years and millennials are taking it to whole new levels. Long gone are they days when courting was formal, clean and the rules were clear. Men opened doors for women, paid for meals on dates, kissed at the front door and said goodnight to their sweet date like the gentlemen they appeared to be.

Wow, what a snapshot of old age dating. We have evolved. Dating culture has transformed since the traditional 1940s – 1950s sweetheart dating scenario and we’ve moved into a more realistic and organic way for couples to get to know each other. While most things have changed, there still lies the question, “How do we pay for the bill?”

Are millennials changing history and going dutch on first dates? Are women paying for their own meals or even paying for both themselves and their date? This was unheard of back in the day, but is it now considered normal dating culture?

Studies show that 35% of women today now demand to split the bill on the first date. What does this mean? Women are showing their independence, their strength and their ability to take care of themselves. They are showing their date that they don’t need handouts or someone to lure them into bed with expensive meals and flowers. Women have evolved and so has dating culture.

The thing is though, men haven’t quite caught on. Studies show that only 15% of men are okay with splitting the bill on their first date and that ratio is pretty consistent across the country. So what does this mean for dating? Are there just loads of men and women at tables in restaurants across the country arguing over how to pay for dinner?