How to Make 2017 Your Best Year Whether You’re Single, Dating or Married

sunglasses-635269_1920Every year we come up with tons of unrealistic New Years Resolutions and ones that we’ve been making every year for the last 10 that just never stick. It’s time to throw away the New Years Resolutions for good and make some life changes. Not because it’s a yet another New Year, but because every day should be better than the last.

Every morning you should be waking up with gratitude that you have another day to make your life better, to make yourself happier and to create the world you have always wanted.

Here are 3 ways to make 2017 your best year yet, whether you are single, dating or married.

1. Focus on health. No don’t focus on weight, gains or a thigh gap. Focus your attention on eating healthier foods that aren’t packed with sugar, gmo’s, hormones and pesticides. Give your diet a makeover that is going to not only help give you the body you want, but also the mind and energy you need to be happy.

2. Fake positivity until you feel positive. When you’re moping around with a negative persona and your odor stinks of disdain, your life is never going to turn to sunshine and rainbows. You don’t have to fake you’re happy, no that won’t work and it is exhausting. But if you don’t feel positivity in life, force yourself to find some. Force yourself to find the positivity in little things first, and then make your way to the bigger picture. In the end you won’t have to force it.

3. Give more and take less. If you have kids, you know what this feels like and while you know it can be a drag sometimes, you also know that the more you give to them the better you feel. This is something people find hard to do, especially when most of us have so little to begin with. The thing about giving is that you get to see other people happy, and it’s because of YOU. This, without a doubt, will put a smile on your face knowing you made someone’s day. Give it a try!