How to Prevent the Food Allergy Kiss Reaction on a First Date

So the date is going well and you’ve enjoyed your time together. You’re nearing the end of the date and that final goodbye kiss that could possibly seal the deal for a second date is closing in. Well, for a person without food allergies, this may be an exciting time. You feel the rush and the excitement of kissing that new crush for the first time and when it finally happens, you see those fireworks you hoped for.

But, if you have food allergies, it may not go quite like that. You may be feeling nervous, anxious and get sweaty palms all because that first kiss is fingertips away. You’re afraid, you’re worried that the goodbye kiss will seal the deal for an allergic reaction and a sleepless night.

Here are 2 big ways to avoid that food allergy kiss reaction:

Tell first, kiss second – Tell your date of your food allergy. If you have a peanut allergy, tell them what could happen and ask them if they have had peanuts recently – same if you have celiac disease, a soy allergy, a nut allergy etc. Help them understand and paint a picture of how badly a food allergy reaction can truly be for you. Be open and honest, that’s the best thing you can do

Go to a safe food allergy friendly restaurant – Take the initiative and choose the restaurant. If you have a particular restaurant you know accommodates your food allergy well, suggest going to it! If you have one of the 8 main food allergies: seafood (fish and shellfish), peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, milk, soya, eggs and wheat or any other grain that contains gluten, such as barley, oat, rye and triticale then you should be able to find a good kitchen staff trained in preparing and handling food for food allergy customers.It will make things easier when you explain your food allergy and the reactions you could potentially get from interacting with that particular food.