The Top 10 Reasons a You’re Still a Single Guy after Months of Online Dating

bikes-1205279_1920We all know that online dating has it’s ups and downs, but it clearly works. Everyone knows at least 1 couple that met online these days that end up getting married, having kids and enjoying romance for the rest of their lives.

The thing is, it may not be working for you and you may not understand why. If you’re a guy seeking a woman online, and nothing seems to work, there are more than likely a few things you could do to increase your chances of finding love.

1. If you’re a gamer, break away from the TV or computer more often. You’re probably so entrenched in your gaming that you’re turning women off. Still do what you love, but everything in moderation.

2. Keep your living space clean. No decent woman likes a slob. It’s a huge turn off for women to see beer bottles everywhere, old pizza boxes laying around and dirty clothes covering the floor and furniture.

3. Find a hobby. Men in general need their space to focus on things they love and get involved with activities that stimulate them. When you have something you are working towards and enjoy doing that is productive in your life, women will see that spark in you.

4. Go on more meaningful dates. Have greater expectations for each date. Don’t treat each date like it’s just another and hopefully end up in the bedroom. Like anything, it’s quality over quantity. When you put more of an effort into dating the right women, the rewards are much greater.

5. Break free from stereotypes. No one is exactly who they are and especially not what they seem in their dating profile. Don’t take profiles too seriously, get to know the person before jumping to any conclusions.

6. Read up on the latest fashion trends for men and give your wardrobe an overhaul. While your appearance may not mean much to you, women notice your clothes more than you think. Not to mention, if you’re wearing something they particularly like, you’re bound get them hot for you.

7. It’s out of choice. You haven’t met someone yet that meets your needs and THAT is ok. It’s not a bad thing to have high standards, just make sure your high standards aren’t keeping you closed-minded.

8. Shape up your career. A hardworking man is always a more attractive man. Women like to see an independent, established man that has goals and dreams. When a woman sees a man they can travel down a road to a successful life with, it makes them extra happy.

9. Stop dating women just for looks. Looks mean nothing when you both have grown old together. Yes, attraction is part of it, but just because someone isn’t a 10 in your eyes doesn’t mean your life can’t be fulfilled with them.

10. Eat better and get more fit. Throw out the frozen dinners, pizza rolls and chips. Take better care of your mind and body, because when you do, others will notice. Much like women like to see a man take care of their home, they want to see equal care for their mind and body.