Top 10 Things Women Want From a Partner in a Relationship

beautiful-1274361_1920Let’s get right to it, we all want different things. We, meaning women, all need different things. No two women are alike and every woman is uniquely beautiful in their own way. There will always be someone for everyone, no matter who we are.

Somewhere in our journey of dating, sex, relationships and love we will at some point in time come across a partner that fulfills some of our needs. We will experience love that seemingly checks all our boxes, but in reality turns out to be quite the opposite. We will at some point in time find just an average love, one that isn’t explosive with passion but is enough to make us happy. Many women will experience difficult relationships filled with abuse, anger, frustration and heartbreak. Women are no stranger to the good, the bad and the ugly in a relationship.

With that said, let’s make this simple. When it comes to what women truly want it’s pretty easy to work with.

1. Respect. It’s human decency to treat others with respect. If you can’t make it happen, then you have a lot to work on before you can even consider being with someone else.

2. Honesty. Is this so difficult? No, it shouldn’t be. Much like respect, honesty is a necessary aspect of relationships and without it, a real relationship doesn’t exist.

3. Presence. Are your eyes wandering? Is your mind somewhere else? Can you not put the phone down? These are all signs of a lack of presence and does a relationship injustice.

4. Communication. When you enter into a relationship, there are two of you. You are no longer a single entity. You must be able to communicate effectively and let the other person in when appropriate.

5. Equality. No man or woman is more important than the other. It’s 50/50 and a give and take relationship with equal parts coming from each side. If you don’t practice equality, then you’re doing it very wrong.

6. Patience. On both sides. Relationships are work and it takes time and energy to keep positivity flowing. Practice patience with her and show her you’re willing to put in the time and you’re in it for the long run.

7. Space. Mentally and physically. Alone time, whether mental or physical space, is critical. When two people suffocate each other, they begin to resent one another. Give each other space when it is needed.

8. Hope. Hope for a better future. Hope for a strong future together. She needs someone who can dream with her, and who can share in her passion to live the life you both deserve.

9. Compassion. While it may not be in your nature to be overtly compassionate at every turn, reserve the special moments for each other. When she needs you to be there for her, break down your walls and give in to compassion.

10. Strength. No, not the physical, “I go to the gym every day” type of strength. She needs you to be mentally strong for her. She needs you to step up and be strong for each other. Both need to work together to help keep each other strong.