Top Tips for Managing Food Allergies

foodSuccessfully managing a life with food allergies can often be very challenging and can make life difficult – especially if you or your loved one has recently been diagnosed. At first, life can be overwhelming and constantly watching what you have to eat can be tiresome. However, for those that have suffered adverse effects from gluten or dairy since they could remember without understanding why, you will quickly realize that living a food allergy free lifestyle is much more rewarding and painless! And, for those with severe and dangerous allergies to tree nuts, shell fish, and the like, it could mean life or death.

So here are a few tips that FARE has shared to help you manage your food allergies:

Always Carry Emergency Medication

This is obviously critical to some of the severe food allergies that many of us in our community face. While we realize there is no way to prevent food allergies other than obstaining from that particular food, we also have a back-up plan to ensure our safety when the reaction does occur. Make sure that you always carry your doctor prescribed medicine with you. It should be the first and last thing thing you make sure you have before leaving your house.

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Care Plan

FARE has made it simple for you to print and fill out their Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Care Plan. Make sure that you carry this with you at all times in case of an emergency. It also may be a good idea to ask your doctor to fill it out to ensure all the information is as accurate as possible.

Wear Medical Identification 

If worst case scenario occurs and you need immediate medical assistance but are not able to provide the information needed to the first responders, your medical identification can save your life. It’s always wise to have as much information on your food allergy as possible on your person.

Plan Ahead

If you’re headed to an event where the food is going to be mixed up, made at home, or buffet style, it’s a good idea to maybe pack you’re own food. It’s hard to ensure the food you are eating is food allergy friendly when it’s a potluck type of event. Obviously, your friends and family’s kitchens aren’t exactly regulated like restaurants are. Maybe skip the food at the event, and pack yourself something you know won’t hurt you.