What to Talk to a Girl about When You Message Her on a Dating Site

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One of the hardest parts of online dating is breaking the ice and creating an impact that will keep the conversation going. Most men complain about falling short in this area and are never really sure how to initiate a conversation with someone they have never met, let alone are forced to communicate with a girl in an online environment.

With that said, we have compiled several ways to break that ice and create a lasting impression in the first conversation. As you know, competition is thick and you’re most likely one of ten other guys in her inbox that day. The thing is though, if you do it right, you can set yourself apart from the rest.

1. Share quick thoughts, opinions and funny comments. 

When you first speak to a girl, keep it as light as possible. Sharing funny gifs, memes and online articles may be a good place to start. Don’t delve into anything too personal right away. The first conversation should flow easily and be plutonic. Tell her a quick story of something you read online and share your quick opinion on it. Be factual and don’t be too strongly opinionated but definitely share your thoughts and if you can do it in a way that makes her laugh – bonus points!

2. Ask her about her day. 

Don’t necessarily ask her about her personal matters, but DO ask her how her day went or is going. Ask if her she had to work today, go to school or if she did anything fun. For example, if it’s the first time you’ve ever messaged her, you can start with “I went to work today, came home, ate dinner and it’s been pretty boring as any usual Wednesday is. What about you? Did you do anything fun today that I can live vicariously through your story?” This gives you a bit of charm, asks a question to keep conversation going and adds a bit of humor to the mix. You’ll also make her happy because she probably doesn’t get a lot of new messages in her inbox asking her about her day.

3. Tell her a short story about an adventure memory. 

Have you ever gone skydiving? Gone deep see diving? Climbed a mountain? Flew a plane? You can tell her about a time in your life where you did something so out of your normal character and break the ice with a bit of embarrassing humor. If you were scared out of your wits, tell her how scared you actually were. She will appreciate the vulnerability and it will probably be funny to hear you joke about your fearful adventure. Most men try to come across as incredibly boastful, conceited and try to portray this successful man that isn’t afraid of anything. It will be a refreshing change for her when she’s talking to a guy that doesn’t mind making fun of himself.