Our Great Profile Tips

– Be honest about your age and your weight. Again, be honest about your age and your weight! You are who you are and it’s that simple on Singles With Food Allergies. Share either your allergens or if you’re a celiac single, but don’t dwell on that.

– Use interesting words to describe you AND back each interesting word with an example. Do you love your family? Well, what do you like to do with them? Do you love to cook? What’s the most creative meal that you’ve prepared lately? What type of volunteer work do you do? Which athlete or performer or entrepreneur would you like to emulate?

– Don’t add a long list of who’s not acceptable as a match. Non-negotiable items like smoker or non-smoker and including a love of kids (or the opposite) are important of course, but don’t block new friends by giving a detailed list of your “dream mate.”

– Keep your profile short please. A few paragraphs with a few sentences in each paragraph will suffice.

Our Great Photo Tips

– Please use more than one photo! Since you can’t describe yourself in one word, why should a single photo represent you? In addition to a facial shot, include yourself enjoying a hobby. If you love to be outdoors, share a photo in a favorite park. Love to travel? Post a photo as you enjoyed a recent trip. Whether bowling, running, gaming, cruising or walking your dog, add photos that show the real you!

– Don’t stare at the camera and pose seriously in all of your photos. Be natural in at least 2 of them.

– Don’t have food or drinks around you! OK, yes, you’re on Singles With Food Allergies, because you live with food challenges and food really matters to all of us. However, if you show yourself posing with food, a potential friend might spend more time trying to figure out what’s in your meal than looking at you. Also, avoid holding drinks, because unfortunately, people tend to suspect that you’re holding alcohol.

– About your body type? Don’t hide it! It’s you! Want to gain or lose weight? It’s probably more fun to do so with a partner.