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  • Hi SWFA:
    I’m so glad that you didn’t give up when you had problems with your first website builder. Although there are a lot of single ladies in CA, I have a severe nut allergy. I made a friend online here and we met a few weeks later. We’ve been dating for 2 months now. Thanks, Jim
  • Dear Matty:
    I'm not used to writing like this. I just want to thank you. I joined Singles With Food Allergies, because I was curious. I never thought that this would work. I never thought that I'd date anyone with kids either. Well we're engaged. I think that we're the happiest couple in Texas. Joe
  • Hi Matty,
    When Singles With Food Allergies was mentioned on "The View", some friends told me about it. They laughed and so did I! I signed up in 2011, but I really wasn't serious. Gluten free singles? Dairy free singles? Nut free singles? Come on! 2 years later, we "met" here. Although he's nut free and I'm gluten free, it's working. We're both careful about eating out, so we cook together a lot. Kisses make cleaning up fun. We hope to marry this summer. Thanks, Debbie