organic.lassie other details
  • Seeking:
    Friendship & maybe more
  • Religion:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Marital Status:
    Never Married
  • Children:
  • Income:
  • Body Type:
  • Smoker:
    Not at all
  • Drink:
    Socially only
  • Hair Color:
    Dark Brown
  • Employment:
    Self Employed
  • Education:
  • Height:
    5'1" to 5'7"
  • Eye Color:
  • Exercise:
    3 x a week
  • About Me:
    I currently live in California and am completing my Master's in teaching ESL. Previously in my undergraduate studies, I studied neuroscience and music, so I am a nerd who loves talking about nerdy things! Since I am an extroverted introvert, I love experiencing new things in small doses - haha. I love to have fun and explore or just sit down and have a deep chat with someone. Being silly is an esential part of my life - I love laughing and making people laugh! My relationship with Jesus is very important to me, so it saddens me that so many people have been hurt by the church. The most important thing is to love ALL people, regardless of where they are at or who they are. God loves everyone and every life is precious!rnrnI was homeschooled, so I highly value family and investing in authentic relationships with other people. I am a liberal conservative - while I am interested in social justice, gender equality, and other issues, I have relatively conservative moral values. I am moderately sensitive to chemicals and scents in my environment and I have several food sensitivities. My strongest reactions are to eggs, coffee, soy, pesticides, and preservatives. I am currently trying to stay away from most nuts, wheat, and dairy as well.
  • My Match:
    Is a like-minded man who is willing to see and share the beauty of life :) Loves Jesus, life, dancing, and nature. Has morals, compassion, and respect for ALL people.
  • Allergies :
    Eggs,Soy,Tree nuts
  • My Interests:
    Partner dancing (swing, lindy, salsa, tango, ballroom, blues, fusion... I love to dance!), anything outdoors (hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, exploring...), organic gardening, animals, music (playing piano and singing, listening to music, and singing while dancing), science (biology, chemistry, neuroscience...), having long thoughtful discussions, lifelong learning, being a couch potato (binge-watching shows, playing games, and cuddling), learning languages, experiencing new things (in small doses - haha), laughter, family, spending time volunteering / doing things with church, theology, being silly, all forms of art (inclusing theater, musicals, museums), traveling, and many others :)
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